Friday, December 25, 2009

MERRY CHRISTMAS and happy new year! 25 december 2009 <3

holidays! but soon UTS: (
I have a lot to learn, so that IP was good: (

I get a new angkleboots!!
red color
in stores pull and bear
red color, made of leather
I love angkleboots: D

Friday, December 11, 2009

tiga tahun silam..

Kamu itu...
Yang enam tahun silam adalah sosok yang aku sukai.
Tampan, cerdas dan berwibawa.
Seperti sosok laki laki yang aku inginkan.
Waktu terus berlanjut,
ia yang menjauhkan aku dan kamu
Semakin lama kamu semakin berubah.
mungkin kamu memang tetap tampan dan cerdas, tapi sayangnya kamu terlalu berlebihan..
Aku harus berfikir berkali kali jika aku harus menyukaimu lagi.
Aku sangat kecewa.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

for you,my love

You know, things that you do it makes my heart feel so sick
all walked slowly, suddenly came and stabbed me.
I tried to believe, but it can not.
the wound was too deep.
Your jokes were too much
makes me angry, could not believe
I was confused to do anything and say anything
you make me nervous and let me confused myself.
I can only say that I love you.
I'm sorry if I'm guilty.


lomo is a plastic camera which I thought was very cool.
lomo camera weight is not as heavy as a digital camera.
images are still stored in the form of film.
Therefore, rather difficult if we want to print the image.
lomo cameras affordable price, from four hundred thousand (s) until there are millions.
There is also a polaroid lomo (printed results directly).
LOMO photo results very unique.
images can be stacked as much as anything else we want.
plastic material different from making LOMO be different from the other camera

there are several types of lomo which can be brought into the water. woho!

photoshop :)

you know the easiest way to edit photos?
yap! with photoshop you can edit the picture more easily
with the stacked layers can make funny photos.
the same way using lomo, photo results so unique and different. with any version of photoshop, you can still stacked layer how many photos you want.
dare to try?

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

recently I tried to take pictures in the weeds in the hills.
very beautiful scenery.
very different to the city.
no buildings are close sky.
only a yellowing grass and sunny skies.
soo beautiful ..


dated 30 October on campus, there is a special Halloween celebration for graphic design students.
woho! all using the costumes scary.
quite fun.
watching horror movies together, eat snacks, and take pictures.

eating hamburgers, enough to make a full stomach. hahaha
someone using a cat costumes, pairs! looks very funny ..
hahaha ..
actually without make-up of their faces are visible too scary. hahahaha

from my SLR

what do you think?

I really like photography.
although not so good at using SLR cameras, at least can get a good picture of the camera. hahaha
I do not know how to take care
I just bought the camera a few weeks ago.
I use a
NIKON 3000D.
good picture,
shooting speed is also good ..
"goggle" said NIKON 3000D is DSLR for beginners.
considerable cost to the student pocket. hahaha
its quality is also equivalent to the canon 500D. wow

I'm sorry for everything

college, without you.
ate, without you.
watch, without you.
when I get home,, without you.
laughing, without you.
cry, without you.
Aaaah .., I can't-_______ -
because every day we meet ..
people most often I find you.
more often than I see my parents. hahaha
usually you hold a surprise for me.
but now no.
There is usually a pick-up in the morning, eat together, you take me home, play together, learn together ...
I want that again ...
I was not able to suddenly you do not exist.
I am a very poor-___ -
but thanks so far I've noticed the little things to which I do not think :)
I do not intend to publish this poem.
but this is not enough via text message, not enough to just talk
I'm happy .. thanks


looks very interesting if the plus Scraft, hats, and boots, seemed more expressive.

I'm not so concerned fashion, but sometimes fun just to try to mix and match clothes.

with a little fun I tried to use existing applications on the Internet for simply spending time at home.
hmm ... quite boring sometimes.
but enough to give inspiration to the work of a lecture by me

maybe my fashion sense is not everyone likes,
can be strange to say,
but in my opinion, looking like it is very interesting to see.
not too difficult in use

background of some of these pictures are also quite inspired for photography classes in college.
strange enough, but it looks different from other